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SSD is an acronym which stands for Solid State Drive, a type of internal hard disk drive.

As of August 2009, it is only one of two types of internal hard drives sold by IBM for the AS/400, the other being SAS.[1]

Only Physical Files, Source Physical Files, and Logical Files can be stored on SSD storage device. Use the UNIT parameter to specify *SSD as the preferred storage unit.

Oddly enough, you do NOT need to actually have SSD's installed to specify the preferred storage unit on a file. Since the system automatically manages where data is stored, the the UNIT parameter only indicates the 'preferred' storage unit. If there is no space available on a SSD, and you have set the UNIT parameter to *SSD, it will not try to move the file to a SSD.

If you do not have any SSD's installed, the preferred storage unit parameter can be set ... but, since there is no SSD space available, the system will not move the object.


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