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STAR BASE or *BASE is the name of the Evansville Indiana User Group, which consists of all kinds of enterprises: local government; universities; banks; public utilities; manufacturing. Thus, our seminars and education need to appeal to broad range of AS/400 and iSeries users.

Most years there are about 30 companies that pay their dues, with about 50 outfits that participate. Non-members pay a little more to attend meetings than members.

Official contact is elected each year, but you can reach the group thru your pal, : Al Mac

We meet 3rd Wed of each month, Sept thru May, usually at Kipplee's Party House from 11:30 am to about 1 pm, for a meal and a seminar.

Several times a year we bring in a professional to teach a class on some hot topic such as some AS/400 Programming language, Editor, or major application like WebSphere. These classes typically last 2 days, have 30 students, with the $ cost depending on how many people signed up.