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SYSPROC is an IBM-supplied which was created during the installation of, or upgrade to, OS/400 V5R4. Though SYSPROC is does not follow the Q library naming conventions, it is considered a system supplied library, like QSYS, and it and its contents should not be deleted or altered.

New SYSPROC Library at R540

"At R540, a new library is created during the installation of 5722SS1 Option 1 Extended Base. This library is called SYSPROC and is listed as one of the reserved schema names in the SQL Reference manual, Appendix H. This schema contains stored procedure registry points. Because the stored procedures are external, the program objects are not required and do not exist in SYSPROC. When looking at the library from the character-based interface, there appear to be no objects in it. However, if viewed from iSeries Navigator, several stored procedures are shown. These are required to support the DB2 Development Center's Unified Debugger.

Caution: Do not remove this library."[1]


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