Send Data Queue (QSNDDTAQ)

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Sends an entry to a Data Queue.

For more information on this API, visit Send Data Queue (QSNDDTAQ) API (right-click to open link in a new tab).

Prototype for the QSNDDTAQ API

DQSNDDTAQ         PR                  EXTPGM('QSNDDTAQ')            
D prDQName                      10A   const                         
D prDQLibr                      10A   const                         
D prDQLen                        5P 0 const                         
D prDQData                   32767A   const options(*varsize)       

An RPG/LE fully free-form alternative (by Dave Clark):

// IBM API to Send an entry to a Data Queue
dcl-pr IBMAPI_SendToDtaQ     extpgm('QSNDDTAQ');
  DtaQName              char(10)    const;
  DtaQLib               char(10)    const;
  DtaQBufLen            packed(5:0);
  DtaQBuffer            char(65535)         options(*varsize);
// opional parm group 1
  DtaQKeyLen            packed(3:0) const   options(*nopass);
  DtaQKeyData           char(256)   const   options(*nopass:*varsize);
// opional parm group 2
  DtaQAsync             char(10)    const   options(*nopass);
// opional parm group 3
  DtaQJrnlE             char(10)    const   options(*nopass);