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Al Mac is a novice at a lot of stuff ... please excuse me if I am being a nuisance while I explore what can be done on this site.

Al Macintyre

Find BPCS Documentation Suppliers

BPCS/400 Computer Janitor at Replacement company web site (same company, new domain)

I was born in 1944 and began working in IBM Midrange field in 1962

More Dumb Questions

What does "Patrolled" mean?

I think I did that by accident to Add BPCS Files and could not see how to un-patrol it.

Hey Dave

Here are some suggestions for future enhancements of this place from your pal Al Mac

  • Home page of have an easy to find pointer to this wiki
  • When we use SEARCH for a word or concept, also bring up any Category in which that is part of the name of the Category
  • add to editing tool bar to allow us access to spell checker

I am a bit frustrated with the "minor" vs. history of changes when entering something new, with periodic saves ... I want to say it is all minor, then when I about done, do a nothing change can call THAT not minor to announce it on the change history.

Tool Bar addition

  • key in some text like Guru/400 (I wish)
  • highlight it then press tool bar button & it is converted to Category:Guru/400
  • Reasons why this would be a big help
    • Sometimes we key not enough [[]] on one or other side
    • Sometimes we key {{}} or (()) wrong symbols and it not immediately obvious that we done so
    • There may be users whose keyboards lack the symbols needed, and thus they cannot contribute as effectively

A nice addition to the "your contributions list" would be the name of the last person to have updated this page, that way when it is not you, it is easier to see what happened ... is it a case of minor stuff you might have done but did not get a round TUIT, or are you consistently doing something wrong and need to clean up your act?

In the differences history

  • include # page views so far at time of the change
    • if that was done we can then theoretically derive from that
    • # page views since last update to the article
    • # page views between dates of some changes
    • ie. # people viewing in addition to whoever updating here
    • what this does for us is a measure of popularity
    • If we look at what we have updated
    • # page views since my last update
    • I can now see where I working on something and no one visited ... does this mean no one interested, or I need to fix the links
    • I can now see where I working on something and there is high interest in that content, so perhaps I should prioritize adding there what I had planned to add
    • if the # page views since last update of my contributions - that info be sorted on that popularity measure, that help prioritize tackle what next
    • some of this info also go into statistics
  • if any of this gets implemented, before deleting this text, consider if any of it belongs in Help:Contents
  • If some of this gets declared by User:David as impractical, perhaps there needs to be an area for Suggestions:Impractical to point to for future people expressing similar ideas
  • How about a Suggestion:Box ?

To my 400 pals

There's lots of stuff I have started that I plan to add more to (promises promises)

Deletion notice for [[CardSystems]]

— MrDolomite • Talk 08:13, 23 December 2007 (CST)