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Line wrapping problems

Original article(s) in the midrange archive: [1]

My source files have 112 byte record lengths, but I really don't want the lines to be that long.

I'd like the CL source to wrap at about 70-75 characters in width.

Enter this command for an 80-wide source data field (the 92 is 80+12 for the 12 bytes at the start of each source line)

set save.textLimit 92


User Actions

Check User Action


What are Profiles and Filter Pools for

Check Profiles, Connections, and Filters

Check RSE filter


Remap Keyboard Shortcuts

Check remap shortcuts

Check WDSC shortcuts


Other Language Setup (Japanese font)

Original article(s) in the midrange archive: [2]

The assumption made is that your PC is set up to your preferred languange and the fonts are available on the PC.

  • In Window -> Preferences -> Lpex Editor -> Appearance
  • Change the font to the appropriate language.


Error Installing WDSC 7

Original article(s) in the midrange archive: [3]

failed with:

"The installer encountered an error when installing IBM Installation Manager. Installation has discontinued. Return code=-1".

Attempted to install version 7 over 6.

  • Uninstall the Installation Manager
  • On re-install , the Installation Manager was reinstalled and things went good after that.


Missing Filter Option

Original article(s) in the midrange archive: [4]

Option to create a filter disappears

This option was present when the workspace was first set up. Today the option wasn't grayed out or anything - it just wasn't there.

This is standard behavior if you have "Show Filter Pools" selected.


Ghost Image for Install V6

Original article(s) in the midrange archive: [5]

installing v6 - warning when using ghost images

  • When you install WDSC, it creates a default instance of the WAS 6.1 test server.
  • The config files for the test server are created with the hostname of the PC where the install was done.
  • When the ghost image is then copied to each PC, the config files contains an incorrect hostname and the test server won't start
  • (we always run into this at COMMON and the System i Technical conferences).

You can fix this in one of two ways:


  • Double click on the test server and switch from using RMI to SOAP for the communications.
  • You could do this on the ghost image then it would be set on each copy, although I have never tried this.


  • After the images are installed, edit the file that contains the hostname and update it with the correct hostname (including domain name) for that PC.
  • The file you need to edit is something like:

C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\SDP\6.0\runtimes\base_v6profiles\default\config\cells\YANTZ1Node01Cell\nodes\YANTZ1Node01\serverindex.xml

You need to update all the hostname and host XML attributes that reference the hostname of the original PC.


V7 Turbo Boost

Original article(s) in the midrange archive: [6][7]

In C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70\eclipse.ini


XX:MaxPermSize in eclipse.ini to 1512M from 512M.