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The WRKACTJOB command allows you to view, modify, and cancel, active jobs on the system.

                             Work with Active Jobs                     IL400SV1 
                                                             06/10/05  13:11:03 
 CPU %:    2.6     Elapsed time:   00:01:00     Active jobs:   241              
 Type options, press Enter.                                                     
   2=Change   3=Hold   4=End   5=Work with   6=Release   7=Display message      
   8=Work with spooled files   13=Disconnect ...                                
 Opt  Subsystem/Job  User        Type  CPU %  Function        Status            
      QSYSWRK        QSYS        SBS      .0                   DEQW             
        QAPPCTCP     QSYS        BCH      .0  PGM-QZPAIJOB     TIMW             
        QCQEPMON     QSVMSS      BCH      .0  PGM-QCQEPMON     MSGW             
        QCQRCVDS     QSVMSS      BCH      .0  PGM-QCQAPDRM     MSGW             
        QECS         QSVSM       BCH      .0  PGM-QNSECSJB     DEQW             
        QGLDPUBA     QDIRSRV     ASJ      .0  PGM-QGLDPUBA     SIGW             
        QGLDPUBE     QDIRSRV     ASJ      .0  PGM-QGLDPUBE     DEQW             
        QMSF         QMSF        BCH      .0                   DEQW             
        QNEOSOEM     QUSER       ASJ      .0  PGM-QNEOSOEM     TIMW             
 Parameters or command                                                          
 F3=Exit   F5=Refresh       F7=Find      F10=Restart statistics                 
 F11=Display elapsed data   F12=Cancel   F23=More options   F24=More keys