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XML4PR is part of the IBM® XML Toolkit for System i®, licensed program offering (LPO) 5733-XT2. The XML4PR offering allows procedural languages such as RPG and COBOL to take advantage of the XML services provided by the XML4C product.

Supported XML Services

The XML4PR product supports various XML processes.


XML4PR allows a Document Object Model (DOM) to be created from scratch or to be read in from an existing XML document. The DOM can then be manipulated and rendered out to various media.


XML4PR allows the use of a Simple API for XML (SAX) parser to read in documents. This is accomplished by registering various event handlers with the SAX Parser. These handlers are called as and when document events happen.


XML4PR allows the use of an XSL processor, this allows one XML document to be transformed into another document either XML or otherwise.