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Note that RPG IV can do just about anything that could be done by earlier versions of RPG such as RPG/400 and an enormous volume of additional capabilities.

Free-format RPG

  • Free-format RPG on DeveloperWorks
    • 7.2: Integrated with the base OS
    • 7.1: Requires compiler PTF SI51094 or its supercedes, as well as DB2 group PTF SF99701 level 26 or higher.
    • 7.1 PTF first became available in Nov 2013.

Fully free-form RPG

RPG now allows for a syntax which contains no columns at all; it is fully free-form, beginning in column 1. To use, the first line of code must be **free starting in column 1. There is no predefined final column. There is one limitation: the program does not allow ANY columnar (fixed form) RPG, including comments with an asterisk in column 7. RDi 9.5 recognises this new syntax. It is provided as a PTF, but is not in a group or TR - it must be ordered separately. First available in November 2015.


  • SI58136 (compiler, target-release *CURRENT only)
  • DB2 group PTF SF99701 level 38 (SQL precompiler)


  • SI58137 (compiler, target-release *CURRENT)
  • SI58110 (compiler, target-release *PRV)
  • DB2 group PTF SF99702 level 9 (SQL precompiler)


RPG IV with free format op codes

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