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User Actions

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What are Profiles and Filter Pools for

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Remap Keyboard Shortcuts

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Other Language Setup (Japanese font)

original post[[1]]

The assumption made is that your PC is set up to your preferred languange and the fonts are available on the PC.

  • In Window -> Preferences -> Lpex Editor -> Appearance
  • Change the font to the appropriate language.

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Error Installing WDSC 7

original post [[2]]

failed with:

"The installer encountered an error when installing IBM Installation Manager. Installation has discontinued. Return code=-1".

Attempted to install version 7 over 6.

  • Uninstall the Installation Manager
  • On re-install , the Installation Manager was reinstalled and things went good after that.

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Missing Filter Option

original post [[3]]

Option to create a filter disappears

This option was present when the workspace was first set up. Today the option wasn't grayed out or anything - it just wasn't there.

This is standard behavior if you have "Show Filter Pools" selected.

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