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5722-AC3 is an LPP of OS/400. Its name is IBM Cryptographic Access Provider 128-bit for iSeries. It provides data encryption support on the AS/400.


  • V5R4 incorporated into i5/OS[1]
  • V5R3 non-chargeable LPP[2], not supplied on either the Standard or Keyed media distribution set.[3]
  • V5R2 non-chargeable LPP available on request.[2], not supplied on either the Standard or Keyed media distribution set.[4]
  • V5R1 was 5722-AC2 Cryptographic Access Provider 56-bit for AS/400,[5] not supplied on either the Standard or Keyed media distribution set.[6]
  • V4R5 was 5769-AC1 Cryptographic Access Provider 40-bit for AS/400[7][8]


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