5722-WDS V5R4 PTFs for WDSC V7.0

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V5R4M0 PTFs for WDSC70, 5722-WDS

PTF number Disk number
SI25678 1-1
SI27056 1-2
SI26327 2-1
SI27066 2-2
SI26384 3-1
SI27082 3-2
SI26633 4-1
SI27083 4-2
SI26639 5
SI26703 6
SI26715 7-1
SI27088 7-2
SI26841 8
SI26844 9

In 2007, there was a point when IBM issued PTFs and then withdrew them. The above list of PTFs are available as of 03-2009. Below is a record of this withdrawal, which occurred because of capacity issues, not a flaw in the PTFs.


  • Thu, 22 Mar 2007 14:24:41 -0400
  • The V5R4M0 PTFs for the WDSC v7.0 install from IFS have all been released.
  • Customer should be able to order them now.