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Licensed program product 5733-ARE is the IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i (some IBM web pages refer to it as IBM Application Runtime Expert for i)

What can be collected

The IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i has a wide array of application attributes and settings it can collect, along with many of the system settings and values most critical to your applications. Here are some of the possible attributes and values that can be collected:

   File/directory/library authorities
       Authorization list
       Primary group
       Object authorities
       Data authorities
   File/directory/library attributes
       Creation date
       Last modified date
       File size
       File type
       IBM i object native attributes
   Attributes within property/http/XML configuration files
   User IDs
   Product PTFs & PTF Groups
   System Values & Network Attributes
   Product install status
   TCP/IP Network verification and configuration
   Environment variables
   Ports in use
   CL and QSHELL command output
   SQL statement output
   Log files

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