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5733-OPS is the 'Open Source Technologies on IBM i' LPP.

NOTICE: It appears that IBM will be sunsetting this LPP in favour of using yum to deliver open source. See the IBM Open Source Bitbucket page for more information, especially the wiki there.

5733-OPS is officially documented at the Developerworks wiki.


There is a 'place holder' LPP called 5733-OPS. As of 1 Aug 2016, 5733-OPS has 15 options which are place holders for current and future functionality. Install all 15 options now, and then to actually install the functionality, order the group PTF for your release. In the future, as IBM release more functionality, you will be able to simply install the group PTF rather than deal with the place holder LPP options.

Once all 15 options are installed (no IPL needed), to install the particular functionality, install the PTFs. IBM have created a group PTF which will install all of the current functionality in one go:

IBM i Release

Group PTF Level
i 7.3 SF99225 1
i 7.2 SF99223 1
i 7.1 SF99123 1

It is important to note that installing the PTFs is not enough. You MUST install the 5733OPS options first.

Note that there are prerequisites in these PTFs; typically the HTTP subsystem must be stopped as well as the IBM i Navigator server.

endsbs qhttpsvr
call qsysdir/qinavmnsrv *STOP

After installation, restart the HTTP server and make sure the PASE PATH environment variable has /QOpenSys/usr/bin in it because that is where IBM puts the shortcuts.

If you'd prefer to install just one, or only a few open source options:

  1. Install 5733OPS options
  2. Install PTFs

The table below describes the PTFs that go with which option. The canonical source for this list is at the Developerworks wiki, in each individual open source option.

Open Source Technologies on IBM i
5733-OPS option Tool Required PTF
1 Node.js 0.12.13 SI60551
2 Python runtime 3.4.4 SI59051
2 Python ibm_db SI60563
2 Python itoolkit 1.2 SI60564
2 Python flipflop 1.0 SI60565
2 Python bottle 0.12.8 SI60566
3 GCC & CHROOT See note below SI58604
4 Python runtime 2.7.11 SI59035
2 Python ibm_db SI60567
2 Python itoolkit 1.2 SI60568
2 Python flipflop 1.0 N/A
2 Python bottle 0.12.8 N/A
5 Node.js 4.4.3 SI59404
6 Git 2.8.3 SI61060
7 Tools base See note below SI61061
7 Tools bash SI61062
7 Tools unzip SI61064
7 Tools zip SI61065
8 Orion SI60170
9 cloud-init See DW Wiki
10 TBD
11 TBD
12 TBD
13 TBD
14 TBD
15 TBD

GCC NOTE: Option 3, GCC + CHROOT scripts are a partnership between IBM and Young i Professionals Open Source Beta -- GCC chroot project. IBM will release periodic PTFs, but the most recent scripts can be found at the Litmis Bitbucket site ibmichroot.

Tools Note: These tools are stored at /QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/OPS/tools/bin to prevent clashing with software installed from AIX toolbox, Perzl or Bull Freeware RPMs or AIX tools shipped with PASE.