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Some SSA customer sites may have added BPCS files that are an idea that other sites might want to imitate, so here is a reference list of some stuff people have added, to give all of us ideas on what else can be done.

  • COSTMEMORY by Al Mac = copy of costs of items on completed shop orders before shop order purge for comparison to how the cost has changed after the purge
  • ECIF by Al Mac = cross index of what items we sell to which customers in which facilities, with some summary info such as cumulative lead time and date of last shipment
  • FAPM by Al Mac history of machines used in production - used to help preventative maintenance
  • HCIF by Al Mac end to end linkage BOM how much of lowest child items needed by which end customers items - used to help with getting best contract pricing from vendors, and reconcile sales history with purchasing history
  • NDAY by Al Mac statistics on file consumption, used to help manage disk space
  • XDEV by Al Mac directory of hardware connected to our 400, used to help manage those pesky work areas
  • XWARE by Al Mac = directory of our software. How we get it to be explained in CLP/400 examples - used for many purposes, most especially Query reference.