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Control panel is the name for the physical area of the server where the power button is located, along with diagnostic and other functions.

"You can use the physical control panel to perform functions such as IPL, power on, and power off. Control panel functions range in complexity from functions that display status (such as IPL speed) to low-level service functions that only service representatives access." [1]

Control panel function codes

Code[1] Description
01 Displays the current IPL parameters.
02 Used to change the IPL type, system operating mode, IPL speed, and firmware IPL mode
03 Starts an IPL.
Only available in manual mode and when the system power is on.
04 Lamp test
07 Allows you to perform SPCN service functions.
Only in the manual operating mode and from power on standby.
08 Force a fast power off.
Only in manual operating mode and the system power is on.
11-19 Displays SRCs
20 Displays the machine type and model, VPD card CCIN, and IPL types
21 Forces DST on the console.
Only in manual mode.
Also bypasses 'DASD Checker' (C600 4508) during IPL with new disks installed.
22 Forces a partition dump.
Only in manual mode.
25 and 26 Allows entry of codes 50-99.
See [2]. Only in manual mode.
30 Displays the service processor IP address and port location.
Only in manual mode and from power on standby.
34 Retries the partition dump. See 22 above.
42 Performs a platform dump.
Only in manual mode and when activated by the OS or service processor.
43 Performs a service processor dump.
Only in manual mode.
65+21 Used to change console type.[2]
Only in manual mode after performing 25 and 26, see above.

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  1. Control panel function codes from IBM Systems Hardware Information Center, Includes list from 01 "Display current IPL" to 21 "Used Dedicated Service Tools (DST)" to 49 "Reserved"
  2. Using the console service functions (65+21) from IBM Systems Information Center.

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