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SRC is an acronym for System Reference Code.

These are status codes displayed on the control panel during an IPL. They are also error codes on shown on the control panel, within service tools and WRKPRB for various hardware and/or software problems.

IPL reference codes

Phase Functional Area IPL status code
Service processor C1xx xxxx
Virtual service processor (LPAR) C2xx xxxx
Converged hypervisor C7xx xxxx
LIC Licensed Internal Code (LIC) C6xx xxxx
Operating System i5/OS C9xx xxxx
N/A Operational System 01 A or 01 B

Source: [1]

General System Reference Codes

Problem SRC Description
Machine problems 0xxx xxxx Problem reported by control panel
1xxx xxxx Problem reported by system power control network
2xxx xxxx
-9xxx xxxx
Hardware machine check, usually IO related
B006 xxxx IOP common code
B1xx xxxx Service processor machine check
B143 xxxx Service Processor PAL entry
B2xx xxxx LPAR error conditions
B3xx xxxx
–B4xx xxxx
System processor hardware machine check
B6xx xxxx LIC machine check and LPAR configuration machine check
B8xx xxxx LIC resource management
B9xx xxxx Operating system machine check
Operator intervention A1xx xxxx Operation interruption by service processor
A6xx xxxx Operation intervention by LIC
A9xx xxxx Operation interruption by operating system
IPL status
C1xx xxxx IPL status for the service processor
C2xx xxxx General status for normal LPAR power on
C3xx xxxx IPL status for the system processor
C5xx xxxx IPL status for system hardware initialization
C6xx xxxx IPL status for LIC
C6xx 4400 Automatic main storage dump recovery (IPL) status
C6xx 441x Automatic power failure recovery (IPL) status
C6xx 4500
-C6xx 4509
DST IPL status
C9xx xxxx IPL status for OS/400 operating system program.
General status D1xx xxxx General status for the service processor
D2xx xxxx General status for normal LPAR power off
D6xx xxxx General status for Main Storage Dump Manager, LIC run-time status, or LIC power off
D9xx xxxx Power down status for OS/400 operating system program.

Source: [2]


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