Custom Compile Commands

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To have the error list appear, your custom compile command must do two things:

  1. Produce the event file
  2. Include the following text items:
    1. *EVENTF
    2. SRCMBR(member-name)
  3. Note: These items do not have to be active command parameters ... they can be referenced as a command comment (i.e., /* *EVENTF SRCMBR(member-name) */

See the IBM's technote (FAQ)[1]

To produce the event file, the actual compile command must specify the proper options. (Note: Not every compile command has an option to generate an event file.)

Examples of compile command options to generate an event file:

  CRTBNDRPG PGM(mylibrary/myProgram) SRCFILE(mysource) OPTION(*EVENTF)


  CRTRPGPGM PGM(mylibrary/myProgram) SRCFILE(mysource) OPTION(*SRCDBG)

See also the section on Custom Compile Commands[2] under WDSC tips[3] NOTE: The above section on Custom Compile Commands makes a few assertions which may no longer be required:

  1. Having *CURLIB set. If you don't the EVFEVENT file is created and populated in the library where you compile the object.
  2. Setting the *LDA with the library and member for the compiled source. Custom commands have been written which do not set the *LDA and still return the error list.