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EGL is IBM Rational's Enterprise Generation Language. This is a web application code generation environment.

EGL is currently an extension to either Rational Application Developer, or WDSC. You'd use RAD if you were a web developer not wanting a System i - oriented IDE like WDSC. WDSC contains some of the elements of RAD. The packaging for EGL is reported (Jan 2008) to be about to change.

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Installation notes

The following midrange archive link provides information to watch out for if you are installing RBDe on RAD7 when WDSC7 also exists on the same machine: [1]

The following is a response from an IBM PMR as it relates to my struggles (Aaron Bartell) with getting RBDe installed on my PC with WDSC v7 already installed. This was originally removed by David Gibbs because it had some wording that others (Joe Pluta) didn't feel was accurately describing the issue (which I agree with). Note that I modified the truth of the matter as you simply need to ensure you have the latest fix packs for WDSC v7 (i.e. need to be on version

Start IBM Response-----

Here's the situation:

       (1) You started with WDSC (Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries)   
       (2) You then installed RAD 7.0 
       (3) Lastly, you then attempted to install RBDe 7.x 

The actual relevant error is:

>>>>>>> 152 ERROR 00:28.21 Error expanding installation packages In installation context "": No included version of component "" meets all tolerances Version 7.1.120.v200709171543 does not satisfy require tolerance [7.0.0,7.1.0) in component "" Version 7.0.0.v200611151730 does not satisfy require tolerance [7.1.0,8.0.0) in component ""

153 ERROR 00:28.21 Installing IBM® Rational® Business Developer Extension 7.0.0 is not allowed; it is not compatible with IBM® WebSphere® Development Studio Client for iSeries® >>>>>>>

And that tells the story : WDSC/iSeries version is NOT compatible with RBDe but IS compatible with WDSC version Just found this out today:

Now, what you can do is install RAD 7 into another (totally different) "package group" via your IM, then install the RBDe into that "package group" ; I would strongly suggest that the "shared" directory NOT be the same one used for the "package group" used for the the WDSC installation.

End IBM Response-----

Eclipse plug-ins

IBM alphaWorks have a set of EGL plug-ins for Eclipse 3.3. Note that WDSC 7.0 and RDi 7.1 are both based on Eclipse 3.2, so these plug-ins will probably not work for these environments.


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