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Green Screen is the familiar 5250 way to interface with the 400 and its prior platforms, prior to the implementation of GUI (Graphical User Interface) methods.

Green Screen vs. Operations Navigator

There are a handful of functions supported on one but not the other.

What is Operations Navigator ?

  • Operations Navigator is a GUI to 400 provided with Client Access, and enhanced at each OS/400 and i5/OS release.
  • It supports many AS/400 iSeries operator and user functions.
  • The functions available to you depend upon
    • Your version of OS/400
    • Your version of Microsoft Windows
    • Your version of Client Access
    • Some security/400 settings

Green Screen Advantages

  • Easier to manage security.
  • More flexible backup options.

Operations Navigator Advantages

  • With Green Screen, people need to know the 400 command structure, parameters, and how to navigate the menus.
    • With Operations Navigator it is all drop down menu directory lists like the Microsoft Windows interface.
  • Easy to drag and drop stuff
  • All the features we associate with GUI