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Some articles by Scott Klement. Articles marked (Associate) require a free registration. Articles marked (Pro or ProVIP) require a paid membership.

How to Open a Browser from a 5250 Session (Associate):

Another way to Open a Browser (Pro/ProVIP): (This technique is better than the first one, since you don't have trouble with special characters)

Double-Click a Green Screen Field to Open a Browser (Pro/ProVIP): (This technique shows how to use the prior technique in response to the user double-clicking the screen)

The preceding articles all require memberships in the System i Network to view. The one with "Associate" requires a FREE Associate membership. The Pro/ProVIP ones require paid memberships.

In addition to these articles, this has been discussed in the past on the RPG400-L mailing list, take a look at this message, and the remainder of the thread associated with it:

And this one:

It has been discussed once or twice on the System i Network forums as well. (These forums do not require any special membership)