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IBM Installation Manager is an installation management tool that offers a number of time-saving features. It helps keep track of what you are about to install, as well as what you have already installed, and what is available for installation. It searches for updates, so that you know that you are installing the latest version of a package. Installation Manager also provides tools for managing licenses for the packages that it installs, and for updating and modifying packages. It can also uninstall full packages, or roll back packages to previous versions.

Currently used to install and manage WDSC and RDi, a companion is the IBM Packaging Utility.


  • Package group: Logical name for the cross reference between the package being installed and the directory it's going to be installed into.
  • Repository: Location where data required for installing or updating packages is stored. Typically, a web server but can also be set up on a local drive or server.
  • Shared resources directory: Directory where files are shared between applications.

IBM Packaging Utility

This is the software you can use to create your own repository. It is a separate download from IBM Installation Manager, but documented in the IBM Installation Manager Information Center.

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