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iSphere is the name of an RDi plug-in project that offers the following features:

  • Message File Editor for editing message file descriptions within a message file.
  • Binding Directory Editor for editing binding directory entries within a binding directory.
  • Compare/Merge Editor for comparing/merging source physical file members.
  • An extremely fast search feature for searching source files. Searching a member filter in the Remote Systems Explorer with iSphere Source File Search is about 60 times faster than searching with the original RSE Search.
  • An extremely fast search feature for searching message files.
  • A spooled file subsystem with the ability to open spooled files in Text, HTML and PDF format.
  • LPEX Task Tags for marking positions in your source like TODO, FIXME ...
  • Decorators for objects in the RSE tree view
  • RSE Filter Management to export/import a single filter or all filters to a/ from a repository
  • Data Area Editor
  • User Space Editor
  • Data Area Monitor/Viewer
  • User Space Monitor/Viewer
  • Data Queue Monitor/Viewer

iSphere is hosted at


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