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QUSRTOOL is a library provided by IBM that has a number of programs that are intended as tools for programmers to use on their own systems. This is not to be confused with the commercial TAATOOLS offering. QUSRTOOL has not been updated in many, many years.

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To install, load 5770-SS1 option 7.

  • APING is a CPI-C program that should be the first program you configure and run when first configuring APPC on your computer. APING exchanges data packets with a partner computer, and times how long the data transfer takes.
  • APPC Remote EXECution . AREXEC allows you to execute any single command line on a remote workstation.
  • ATELL is a sample program that allows a workstation user to send a message to another workstation.
  • Cluster Tools - Provides commands which allow you to work with cluster configuration information.
  • Display Overflowed Object(s) Tool - This tool will display all the objects that are overflowed from a user ASP(s) into the system ASP.
  • Example Communications Configurations - Provides a display interface which allows you to create example configuration objects (lines, controllers, devices, modes) for particular communications configurations (multipoint SDLC line with attached remote controller, pass-through over switched dial-in SDLC, and so on).
  • Generating Binding Source Language Method for generating the binding source language given a module as input. The way to identify what are the allowable exports from a service program is through a binding source language.
  • MAKE Utility - The MAKE tool helps you to maintain the relationships and dependencies between parts in a application. The MAKE tool can also be used to maintain process procedures such as printing files.
  • NetServer (GO NETS) Tool - Provides commands which allow you to configure the iSeries NetServer, work with file and print shares, and view this information.
  • Package/Unpackage of QUSRTOOL Files - This tool provides a method of converting save files to source physical files and converting source physical files to save files. This tool is needed before any tools within QUSRTOOL can be compiled or used.
  • Publication Examples - Provides a list of publications that have included examples in the QUSRTOOL library.
  • Read Tape - This tool will count the number of blocks and their lengths on a tape volume to assist in determining available space remaining on the tape and data compression ratio for S/R tapes.
  • SNA LU2 Printer Support - This will create a printer device description with an application type *APPINIT for the associated and/or alternate printer. This is used with the SNA LU2 support.
  • SQL Trace - This tool reads the outfile of TRCJOB or ENDJOBTRC CL commands and provides a report listing the SQL requests, CPU and paging resources used, and other important SQL performance information.
  • Save/Restore Spooled File Tool - This tool provides a method of saving spooled files into a designated library and recreating them at a later time.
  • SOCKETS - This tool consists of an interactive SOCKETS tool that allow users to interactively issue sockets calls.
  • Transform AFP Spooled File to ASCII Data Stream The tool would take data from an AFP spooled file and send it to the API where it would be transform to an ASCII data stream. This tool would be useful to any customer that produces AFP output and would like the option to print this output on an ASCII laser printer.
  • Remote Writer Page Range Support Program This tool will allow a user to have only a specific page range printed or sent using the LPR or SNDTCPSPLF commands.
  • SPAWN tool Interface to "spawn" a program into a "native thread" capable job