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This page is intended to serve as a HOWTO for RDi.

In general, most of the wiki pages are a reference - if you know what you want to do but forgot the precise mechanism, you look it up. Unfortunately, people new to RDi aren't familiar enough to know what RDi is capable of.

Basic tasks

Many things in RDi are named using a new vocabulary. Connections is one. While it is a connection, it's more than that - it's more like a project or a list of related members. Don't think that you ought to have just one connection per IBM i - consider making a new connection for every project. (see RDi terminology for an explanation of terms)

  1. Locate the Remote Systems view. By default this is located on the left hand side of the Workbench.
  2. Expand the New Connection entry in the tree, and then expand IBM i
  3. You will be prompted for a profile name if this is your first time creating a connection. This is not your IBM i user profile, this is a name that can be used to group and share RSE information with the rest of your team. Enter a name that uniquely identifies you or accept the default name. Click Next.
  4. Enter a Connection name and the TCP/IP Host name for this connection. The Connection name can be any name you want to associate with this connection and will appear in the Remote Systems view. Click Finish.
  5. Your connection now appears in the Remote Systems view.

When you expand your connection you will see entries under the connection that allow you to access different IBM i resources. These entries are called subsystems in the RSE (they are not related to IBM i job subsystems). The iSeries Objects subsystem allows you to access and work with your libraries, objects and members.

  • Edit RPG / HLL source member
  • Compile RPG / HLL program
  • Create filters
  • Split-screen source compare
  • Interactive debug
  • Turn Live Outline on and off - Preferences > Remote Systems > Remote Systems LPEX Editor > IBM i Parsers > ILE RPG Update the Outline view when text is changed in the editor

Intermediate tasks

  • Add source member
  • Create user-defined action
  • Customise perspective
  • Configure library list
  • Search text using regular expressions

See WDSC_Find_Tips#Find_camel_case_words. and Regular expressions

  • Database perspective JDBC datasource example: jdbc:as400:server.company.com;prompt=false;translate binary=true;naming=system;date format=iso;libraries=LibNam1, LibNam1, LibNam1, LibNam1, LibNam1, LibNam1, LibNam1;

Advanced tasks

  • Customise LPEX editor
  • Work with error view

External links

Mastering WDSC V7.0 and WDSC V7.0 Advanced Edition for i5/OS V5R4