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  • The Outline View is one of several Views that are included with RDi. The outline view is intended to act as a guide to understanding where various program elements are defined and referenced; much like the cross reference at the bottom of the traditional compiler listing. But the outline view allows the programmer to click on a variable, subprocedure, etc and be taken to the line being referred to.
  • Outline view forms the basis of several enhancements in RDi 9+; specifically 'Live Outline' (Preferences > Remote Systems > Remote Systems LPEX Editor > IBM i Parsers > ILE RPG - Update the Outline view when text is changed in the editor).

When Live Outline is selected:

  • O-specs are not included
  • References to conditioning and level indicators are not included
  • References for DEFINE opcode with *LIKE factor 1 are not included
  • Incorrect data structure length shown when using LIKE on a data structure using OVERLAY
  • (M) and (D) attributes on references do not match in all cases
  • Attribute information on fields does not match in all cases
  • Incorrect length shown when using OVERLAY(field:%BIF())
  • Compile-time expressions as keyword parameters are not recognized. For example the value of CONST(%LEN(fld1)) will not be reflected in the outline view.