Running iSeries commands in WDSC

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To run an iSeries command in WDSCi 6.0 or 7.0, open an iSeries Projects perspective. There's an iSeries command tab on the bottom of the panel on the right. If you can't see that panel, use Window->Show view->iSeries Command Log.

If you try to run a job that begins with GO, STR, EDT or WRK, you'll see EVFC5001I, explaining that you need an interactive job for this command, even if the command produces a report (i.e. it isn't necessarily an interactive-only command.) That can be undesired if you are running a homegrown command with one of those prefixes!

There are several workarounds:
1) Qualify the command. Instead of WRKACTJOB, use QSYS/WRKACTJOB.
This bypasses the checking.
2) Add the following comment: /* output(*print) */ to the end of your command.

WDSC iSeries cmd.JPG