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Start Debug Server
Parameters: This command has no parameters
Batch Interactive
Jobs: Yes Yes
Programs: Yes Yes
REXX: Yes Yes
Exec: Yes
Threadsafe: No

The Start Debug Server command, (STRDBGSVR), starts the debug server router function. Only one debug server router can be active at a time. Once started, the debug server router remains active until it is ended using the ENDDBGSVR command.

This is a prerequisite for the WDSC debugger.


It has been reported V5R4 that submitting the command would just hang - no messages - no nothing.

Turns out that on this system the QUSRWRK subsystem was not active (goodness knows why) and so the submitted job (which goes to the queue QUSRNOMAX) while in RLS status just never went anywhere. Started the subsystem and all is well.


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