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The 400 comes with specialized environments for managing various types of work or functions such as:

Subsystem General use.
QINTER Interactive Processing (short transactions run at high priority
QBATCH Batch Processing (complicated heavy Data Base Access jobs)
QSPL Spooling
QCMN Communications
QCTL Controlling subsystem
QPGMR Batch subsystem usually used for compiles
QSERVER File servers
QSYSWRK System servers
QUSRWRK User servers

Think of SubSystems as the Jobs that run other Jobs. They monitor and direct what resources needed, such as CPU, pools of main storage, disk space, how many concurrent jobs allowed, type of resources they may use.

Sources of work for each subsystem

Just as SubSystems manage the other jobs, the Subsystems themselves need to be managed, for optimum performance.

A simple 400 system can be managed by QBASE, while a more sophisticated system load needs QCTL.

WRKSBS to view what SBS Sub Systems exist, with what current status, and information on each of them, such has how many JOBQ each can concurrently support. WRKSBSD to check on how they are defined, the descriptive info on them. GO CMDSBS for other SBS commands.