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JOBQ is an acronym for JOB Queue. JOBQ is an object in which jobs are submitted to, and wait in line until able to run in the attached subsystem.

Interactive vs. Batch

  • Tasks that involve user interaction go through Sub System QINTER, involve workstation display screen input/output, with results to OUTQ then writer to printer.
  • When heavy duty calculations and disk space input/output is called for, the interactive task sends that work via SBMJOB to a JOBQ in Sub System QBATCH, with results to OUTQ then writer to printer.


See [[Category:Commands]] for Command Structure.

WRKACTJOB Work with active jobs

  • Does not include completed jobs with results in OUTQ - see Spool file.
  • Does not include jobs that have not yet started running, because they are in JOBQ or are scheduled to be launched later by GO CMDSCDE or a more sophisticated system like Help Systems Robot/400


  • Just press enter to get list of JOBQ


  • This shows list of jobs in Sub System QINTER which includes discontinued jobs
    • If you know what Sub Systems on your system, you can use WRKSBSJOB with any of them to show list of jobs in that Sub System.
    • If you not sure what jobs there, then GO CMDSBS


  • View list of jobs by user and type of job
    • including those not on WRKACTJOB


Work with jobs submitted to JOBQ


Go to Menu of Commands related to Jobs that can be launched to JOBQ from the Scheduler.