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Java 6

Don't know the best way to include Java 6 in this table.

Apparently Java PTF Group SF99291 #8 or higher will allow V5R4 systems to load JV1 option 10 (Java 6) Reference: [1] On top of the Java Group PTF, PTF SI26746 will being Java 6 up to version 1.6.0-b105.

I didn't find an easy way to locate a canonical cross reference for all JV1 options. --buck

  • Thanks for the info, I didn't even know Java 6 was available. I took a stab at including the information, so at least if someone googles the PTF or the APAR they will have a start and some jumping off links from the references. And it does suck that there is no good IBM reference for all the versions. I guess that's where the MidrangeWiki can help out. (-: — MrDolomite • Talk 07:23, 12 November 2007 (CST)