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A common question asked is:

What is the difference between WDSC and RAD?

Joe Pluta provided a very concise answer...

As of version 7, the issue is this:

This is grossly over-simplified, but that's the gist of it. The primary difference between Rational and WDSC is the System i extensions, which is pretty much made up of the views you listed in your original post. And the primary difference between the basic and advanced (RWD vs RAD, or WDSC vs WDSC AE) is EJB support.

However, this changes soon. Most likely in the next release, there will be no RWD/RAD, there will only be RAD. Similarly, there will be no more WDSC AE, there will only be WDSC (and it will probably be called RDi).

IBM announced in January 2008 that WDSC is reaching its end of life. Customers wishing to use an IBM GUI development tool should consider RDi.

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