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  • See Green Screen
  • This is a GUI (Graphical User Interface} for using Microsoft Windows to access AS/400.
  • IBM frequently made improvements in this interface, and changed the name to reflect the new and imporved reality.
    • This happened so often that people could get lost figuring out what is now the official name.
    • Before Client Access there was PC whatever.
    • After Client Access there was iSeries Access.

What is Client Access Infrastructure ?

This is a set of principles, guidelines, and rules used by an organization to direct the process of acquiring, building, modifying and interfacing with IT resources throughout the enterprise.

The resources can include:

  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Communications protocols
  • Application development
  • Methodology
  • Data base systems
  • Shared pool of documentation
  • Security
  • IT Organizational structure
  • IT professional skills
  • Help Desk services

What is Client / Server ?

Client / Server computing is the splitting of an application into tasks that are performed on separate computers, one of which is a programmable workstation.

  • Client is the computing resource that is USING some resource provided by a Server.
  • Server is the computing resource that is PROVIDING some resource to Clients.
  • There can be a linkage or hierarchy of multiple Clients of Servers, in which the Clients are in turn Servers to other Clients.

Client/Server Computing is NOT

  • It is NOT some specific software.
  • It is NOT some specific hardware.
  • It is NOT a solution for all applications.