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PHP on the iSeries was officially introduced by IBM and Zend in 2006.

PHP operates in the PASE environment. Zend provides PHP products for the System i.



Note that the install will run and silently fail if prerequisites aren't met. 'Silently' meaning an error will be put into the job log which is over a hundred pages and contains many innocuous escape messages along with a handful of messages that indicate a serious problem with the installation.

  • Install as QSECOFR - process needs *SECOFR authority
  • Submit the install job to a subsystem / job queue combination that allows *NOMAX active jobs

Zend software versions

The original version was Zend Core and is officially at End Of Life. Support will end July 1 2011. Zend Core has been replaced with Zend Server, which comes in two versions, the full version and the Community Edition. They both use the same install image. One can upgrade from the CE to the full version by purchasing a licence from Zend or a Zend reseller.

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