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Application Development Tool Set/400 or ADTS/400 is a collection of object and source managment system included with OS400. The collection includes:

Additionally, ADTS/400 included the optional ADTS CS/400, which was a PC-based suite of tools making up a workbench that paralleled PDM, SEU and SDA (Code/400), as well as write standalone PC programs using Visual Age for RPG (VARPG).

ADTS/400 add on tools available

  • File Compare and Merge Utility
  • Interactive Source Debugger
  • Application Dictionary Services
  • Application Development Manager


ADTS/400 has been stabilized as of i5/OS V6R1. This means no further functionality will be added to the product. Fixes may be applied if IBM deems it necessary. For an alternative, see RDi.

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