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Code/400 is a PC-based editor that used to be shipped as part of ADTS/CS, and is now included as a part of WDSC. Code/400 runs on a Windows PC (early versions ran on OS/2), and allows one to edit a source member on System i, with PC-based syntax checking, colour coded tokens and the ability to submit a compilation to the host with feedback coming back to the editor.

Code/400 is a legacy product, and is stabilized. That means that while IBM still ship it with WDSC, they are not planning on enhancing it. It has been superseded by WDSC in all respects. WDSC in turn has been superseded by RDi. Code/400 is scriptable, using either REXX or Java.

Written in C++, it has an executable one can run under Windows (codeedit.exe). This makes it possible to use Code/400 to edit PC files, as well as files located on the host because it will integrate with Windows Explorer, allowing easy point and click editing. This can be very handy when browsing code on the web; if you open a file with an extension recognised by Windows, it will open in Code/400, with all the syntax checking and tokenising working.

Integration with PDM

Code is capable of being invoked from a PDM user command. To do so, several prerequisites must be met:

  • The host server (STRCODE) must be running. This will require a dedicated interactive session or batch job. A sample start command is STRCODE RMTLOCNAME('pcIPaddress') To end the host server, use the PC daemon's context menu to end the server.
  • The PC communications daemon must be running. Either put the daemon in your startup program group or use Start->All Programs->IBM Code and Visual Age RPG 6.0->Communications->Communications daemon

An example PDM user command is CE (Code Edit): CALL PGM(QDEVTOOLS/EVFCFDBK) PARM('37' 'Y' 'OS400' '<LOCAL> CODEEDIT "<myiseriesname>&L/&F(&N)" /M Y /N')