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Analyze Object Conversion

LIB(*ALLUSR | *NONE | generic name | library name)



OBJ(*NONE | path-name)



Batch Interactive
Jobs: Yes Yes
Programs: Yes Yes
REXX: Yes Yes
Exec: Yes
Threadsafe: No

The Analyze Object Conversion command, (ANZOBJCVN), collects or reports information for user-created objects on the system. It can be used to plan the conversion of user objects to a new release of i5/OS operating system, such as V6R1.

It is strongly recommended that you run ANZOBJCVN well in advance of loading up V6R1. Currently (Jan 2008) it is available only by ordering a PTF. The PTF to order depends on your release of i5/OS, and is detailed in the Getting Ready for i5/OS V6R1 Redpaper.

A strictly unofficial list of v 6.1+ ready products can be found here V6R1 Compatibility.

PTFs needed

Please read the Redpaper! To try to keep as up-to-date as possible, here are the English language PTFs known to be needed as of Apr 2009:

i5/os version MRI PTF Code PTF
V5R3 SI28425 SI35094
V5R4 SI28415 SI48215

Consider using IBM Fix Central or IBM i PTF cover letters database to look for all PTFs with text ANZOBJCVN.

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