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Plug-ins for WDSC:

See also Plugin_development

A plug-in is an add-on piece of software that extends the base functionality of Eclipse. Most Eclipse plug-ins can be added and updated by Help->Software Updates->Find and Install. A plug-in can provide new perspectives, new views or new menu items.

Updating WDSC is never done through Help->Software Updates! Always use the IBM Installation Manager to update WDSC.

IBM DeveloperWorks wiki

Software Configuration Management

Impact Analysis


Free RSE Plug-ins

  • Arcad 5250 Emulator for Eclipse
  • SoftLanding's RSE Extensions The Extensions provide:
    • direct access to spooled file output from WDSC
    • the ability to view and respond to iSeries messages from within WDSC
    • a perspective for viewing two source-editing windows simultaneously
    • graphical compare and merge editors for iSeries source code (WDSC 6.x or later required)
    • a custom editor for data areas (WDSC 6.x or later required)
    • the ability to display data queue properties and contents (WDSC 6.x or later required)
  • Midrange.com's RSE Enhancements
  • Task Force implementation of TN5250J in WDSc/RDi
    • With this plugin it is no longer necessary to leave the IDE if a 5250 session to the system i is needed.
  • RPGUnit by Tools/400
    • Unit tests at your fingertips. This plugin integrates RPGUnit into RDp/RDi.
  • LPEX Marker Tags by Tools/400
    • Keep your TODOs close to your source code. This plugin integrates 'Task Tags' into RDp/RDi.
  • iSphere
    • Offers many enhancements to RDi.
  • Quantum DB
    • Database perspective connects to multiple data sources via JDBC
  • eGit
    • Source version control system to enable RDi to connect with Git.
  • Hawkeye Pathfinder
    • Code cross referencing using Hawkeye Pathfinder product.