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Rational Developer, an acronym for WebSphere Development Studio Client for System i, is a robust, Windows-based, integrated development environment (IDE) based on the open source Eclipse project that is customized for System i developers.

WDSC has support for editing various types of files...

Additionally, it contains...

WDSC has been superseded in i5/OS V6R1 by IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform for System i WDSC is still orderable in i5/OS V6R1, so it apparently will still run and be supported by IBM for that release.


WDSC supports a similar plug-in mechanism to Eclipse, with some modifications to support the RSE.

A number of vendors have plug-ins for their specific product, and there are some open-source plug-ins available. See WDSC/Plugin.

In general, most plug-ins designed for Eclipse 3.x will work fine in WDSC.

Version history

This version history needs review!

i5/OS version Tool name Tool version Release date
V3R1 ADTS CS/400 V3R1?
V3R2 ADTS CS/400 V3R2
V3R7 ADTS CS/400 V3R7 (unchanged from V3R6?) 1995?
V4R1 ADTS CS/400 V3R7 (unchanged from V3R6?) 1996?
V4R2 ADTS CS/400 V4R2 1997?
V4R3 ADTS CS/400 V4R2 1997?
V4R4 ADTS CS/400 V4R4 1999?
V4R5 ADTS CS/400 V4R5 2000?
V5R1 WDS V5.0 January 2003
V5R2 WDS V5.0, 5.1 January 2003
V5R3 WDS V6.0 May 2004
V5R4 WDSCi 7.0 January 2006
V6R1 RDi 7.1 January 2008

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