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There are a number of commercial and open-source 5250 emulators available. Here is a short list:

Open Source

  • tn5250 -- (License: LGPL) Linux/Unix curses based 5250 emulator. The tn5250 project also produces lib5250, the backend for several other emulators. Also runs under Windows.
  • tn5250j -- (License: GPL) Java swing based 5250 emulator.
  • x5250 -- (License: GPL) X11 based 5250 emulator which uses lib5250.
  • xtn5250 -- (License: Apache) Java swing based 5250 emulator.
  • extjs5250 -- (License GPLv2) extjs front end for tn5250j.
  • cute5252 -- (License BSD 2 clause)
  • vb5250 -- (License: GPLv3) VB.NET based 5250 emulator.
  • qtn5250 -- (License: Public Domain) Qt based TN5250 generator with Mac and Linux builds.


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