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iSeries Access has been superseded by IBM_i_Access_Client_Solutions

Current name: IBM i Access, product 5761-XW1, 5770-XW1

iSeries Access is the Windows based 5250 emulator available from IBM, formerly known as Client Access.

In addition to 5250 emulation, iSeries access provides:

  • iSeries Navigator -- Graphical user interface to manage the system.
  • ODBC Driver -- Database access for MS Windows systems
  • Data transfer between PC and System i
  • Uses i/OS NetServer to work with IFS files
  • Windows Excel file transfer add-in

iSeries Access is also available for Linux, though missing some of the more powerful features found in the Windows version.

iSeries Access for Web gives browser based access to 5250 sessions, file transfer, job, message and spool management and more. Requires a java application server on the iSeries, which can be WebSphere or TomCat.

IBM i Access Client Solutions is a Java application that runs on the client PC.

Excel add-in

System i Access offers an Excel add-in that makes it simpler to transfer a spreadsheet to or from the System i.

To install that add-in:

  • Close Excel
  • Open System i Navigator (iSeries Navigator)
  • Click on a System i Connection
  • At the bottom, right pane, select Install Additional Components
    • Fill in the server
    • Sign in
    • Under Data Access, Data Transfer, select the Excel add-in
    • After installation is complete, close System i Navigator (save the memory!)
  • Open Excel
    • Tools, Add-ins, Browse
    • Program Files, IBM, Client Access, Shared, cwbtfxla.xll
    • OK to install

To transfer from i to PC,

  • Data, Transfer data from iSeries (a new icon is on the tool bar, too)
  • Choose the file you want and Next
  • There are several options that can be changed here:
    • SQL to select/omit records
    • Date/time formatting
    • 65535 (binary) conversion

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