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Commands available in OS/400 both come with the 400 and can be added by programmers.

Command Structure

IBM supplies over 1,500 commands native to OS/400 that are composed of 3 letter abbreviations (usually 3 letters) of a compound combination of Verb-Object-Modifier as shown by examples below. If you know part of the name of some command, you can use GO CMDxxx to get a menu of all commands which include xxx as part of the name.

  • GO CMDSCDE for Scheduler


This is not a complete list.

If you know part of a command name, but forget the whole thing, key first few letters then * asterisk wild card to get list of all commands with that prefix.

  • ADD to an object's contents
  • CHG Change
  • CLR Clear the contents of an object
  • CRT Create an object
  • DLT Delete an object
  • DSP Display
  • END
  • HLD Hold
  • RLS Release from Hold
  • STR Start
  • WRK Work with
    • Most WRK includes access to many other commands vs. same kind of objecrt, such as ADD CHG DEL