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Terms, abbreviations and acronyms commonly heard in the vicinity of the System i

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A Green Screen terminal, session or the communications protocol of that session


A Unix operating system
  • API, Application Programming Interface
  • AFP, AFP Advanced Function Printing
  • APPC, Advanced Program to Program Communication


  • BPCS, Business Planning and Control System
System i ERP software used by a number of manufacturing businesses.
  • BRMS, Backup and Recovery Media Services


A section in RPG programs dealing with program code and logic specifications
  • CIW, Compute Intensive Workload
  • CISC, Complex Instruction Set Computer
  • CLP, Control Language Programming
The OS/400 command processing language
  • COBOL, COmmon Business-Oriented Language
An old, but widely used programming language
  • CPW, Commercial Processing Workload
  • CQE, Classic Query Engine


A section in RPG programs dealing with data definition
The native System i database
  • DBU, Data Base Utility
A data manipulation tool by Prodata
  • DDS, Data Description Specifications
A language used to define database file structures
  • DFU, Data File Utility
A data manipulating tool with simple integrated language


  • EJB, Enterprise Java Bean
  • ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning


A section in RPG programs dealing with file definition
  • ftp, File Transfer Protocol


5250 session to the System i


A section in RPG programs dealing with control and compilations specifications
  • HMC, Hardware Management Console


  • IFS, Integrated file system
  • ILE, Integrated Language Environment
  • IPL, Initial Program Load


  • JDK, Java Developer Kit



  • LPAR, Logical PARtition
  • LPEX, Live Parsing eXtensible Editor
An Java editor that understand the System i environment and languages
  • LPP, Licensed Program Product


  • MAPICS, Manufacturing and Planning Integrated Control System, [2]
An ERP system in common use on the System i
  • midrange.com [3]
A premier resource for System i information and host for this wiki.
  • MRP, Manufacturing Resources Planning
  • MQ Series, [4]
Multi platform middleware suite consisting of a messaging, rules engine and workflow applications


A scripting language


A section in RPG programs dealing with output
The System i operating system


  • PASE, Portable Application Solutions Environment
An AIX environment for the System i
  • PDM, Programming Development Manager
A development environment for 5250 sessions
  • PHP, PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, [6]
A scripting language
  • POSIX, Portable Operating System Interface, [7]
  • prompt
Rather than type out a complete command, Control Language commands can be prompted by pressing F4. This will show command parameters and allow parameter value entry.
  • pruv, IBM Pre-upgrade Verification Tool for i5/OS
  • PTF, Program Temporary Fix


  • Qanything
On the System i anything starting with a Q generally means that it is IBM supplied
  • qsh, Qshell command language interpreter
  • Qshell
A POSIX based command environment on OS/400, comparable to ash, bash and other command shells [8]


An interpreted language available for the System i
  • RISC, Reduced Instruction Set Computer
  • RPG, Report Program Generator
A programming language commonly used on the System i
Rational Developer for System i


  • SDA, Screen Design Aid
A 5250 screen designer. A component of PDM
Dynamically linked set of pre-compiled functions, comparable to dll's on Windows and libraries on *nix
  • SEU, Source Entry Utility
A source code editor for 5250 sessions. A component of PDM
  • SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
A standard [11] for sending email.
  • SQE, SQL Query Engine
  • SQL, Structured Query Language
  • SSH, Secure SHell
  • Stabilized
IBM language meaning no further enhancements will be made to a product. This does not preclude program fixes from being released. It's a first step to the end of life of the product. SEU is stabilized as of V6R1M0.




  • V6R1, V5R4 or any combination of V<number>R<number>M<number>
The operating system version of the System i. V denotes version number, R denotes release number and M denotes modification level.
  • VNC, Virtual Network Computing


  • WDSC, WebSphere Development Studio Client, [12]
  • WSDL, Web Service Definition Language, [13]


Commonly used data transport software